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Cowpokes Makes Homemade Pies

110199 US Highway 75 S, Weleetka, OK  74859

Cowpokes Makes Homemade Pies


Cowpokes Café 
110199 US Highway 75 S, Weleetka, OK  74859

 Did you know the Beverly makes Homemade Pies from scratch?

…So the next time you have a hunger for sweets be sure to come by Cowpokes for a cup of coffee and a slice of pie.  Who knows, you may even want to take one home for later.

Regardless if it’s for desert or just a snack be sure to try one of Beverly’s pies…and she “may” even share her recipe!!!


We serve fresh “Home Cooked” Meals Every Day


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Cowpokes Cafe

109017 N 3870 Rd, Weleetka, OK 74880

Member since Feb 2024


Welcome to Cowpokes Café where we serve fresh Home Cooked meals. We hope to see you soon!

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