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The Wooden Willow

317 W Broadway , Okemah

The Wooden Willow


The Wooden Willow
317 W Broadway , Okemah

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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Wax Melts

  • No Flame. Wax melts are traditionally heated using a wax burner. …
  • Long Burn Time. Wax melts benefit from having a long burn time, when compared to a lot of candles. …
  • Affordable. It’s common knowledge that wax melts are very affordable. …
  • No Paraffins. …
  • Super Convenient. …
  • Control Your Fragrance. …
  • Stronger Fragrance. …
  • No Soot.

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The Wooden Willow

317 W Broadway , Okemah, OK

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The Wooden Willow is in Okemah, OK & we'd love to have you come by to explore the many items in our boutique including homemade candles and waxes. Also, shop us online at

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