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Meet Lee Law Firm

715 S Husband, Suite 9 Stillwater, OK 74074

Meet Lee Law Firm


Oklahoma Attorneys Ready, Willing and Able To Help You

715 S Husband, Suite 9
Stillwater, OK 74074
Phone: 405.742.7452

With over 50 years of combined experience, each attorney at Lee Law offers a straightforward and aggressive approach in their respective areas. Our dedicated attorneys are experienced in personal injury, social security disability, family law and workers’ compensation. Lee Law is here to stand with you in support. We work to obtain fair treatment, full compensation and peace of mind.

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Lee Law Firm

715 S Husband, Suite 9 Stillwater, OK 74074

Member since Feb 2024


All of our staff at Lee Law are here to help you. We are available to pursue the best solution for your legal issue as quickly as possible. We plan our cases well and aggressively defend them.

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