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Why You Should Consider YCCUON When Selling Products and Services

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Why You Should Consider YCCUON When Selling Products and Services


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Marketing vs. Advertising

Marketing is a collection of processes aimed at promoting or selling products or services, or increasing a company’s brand recognition. Advertising is calling an audience’s attention to a particular product or service. While these two definitions have similarities, advertising narrows the approach by using creative material—generally audio or visual—to promote specific products to market segments.

Ultimately, advertising is a form of direct marketing, and advertising agencies leverage existing partnerships with multiple channels to place a company’s content where it will gain the most attention.

The main difference between marketing vs. advertising is that advertising is one task that falls under the wider umbrella of marketing. While not all marketing plans involve advertising, there will be a clear marketing plan for an advertising agency to refer to and follow.

Monitoring marketing campaigns is complex and requires marketers to collate and analyze data from multiple sources. Assessing advertising success is a little easier as each advertising campaign will have its own clear streams of data. However, both types of agencies will utilize suites of data analytics tools to provide highly granular reports on the success of campaigns.

Reasons to Consider YCCUON

  • World Wide Audience
  • Post, and search, by category and location
  • Over 90,000 reached each month
  • Thousands of ads “Clicked”
  • See “Exactly” how many clicks your ad has received
  • Direct messaging with prospective buyers
  • Embed videos in your ad (see the example below)
  • See some of the highlighted categories below the video

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YCCUON – Auto Mall – Shop Online

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Get More Bank For Your Buck at YCCUON

Get More Bank For Your Buck at YCCUON


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