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Meet Mr. Wyatt Cooper – Okemah HS 2023 Academic All Star (Click Here)

521 Woody Guthrie Boulevard

Meet Mr. Wyatt Cooper – Okemah HS 2023 Academic All Star (Click Here)


Wyatt Cooper

My name is Wyatt Cooper, I am the son of Joe Don and Amber Cooper. My grandparents are Kimberly and Mark Myers, as well as Betty and the late Jackie Cooper. As a young child, I was always very accident-prone. Even though I had to have quite a few surgeries because of my own choices, I always seemed to do the same thing as soon as I was able. My biggest passions are helping people and cars.

My favorite past-time started when I was young. Seeing cars or even hearing them filled me with wonder and fascination. Today, I am an avid car enthusiast and love working on cars as well as just being around them. Seeing how hundreds of thousands of small parts can come together to perform many complicated tasks gives me a lot of enjoyment.
In the fall I will be attending the University of Oklahoma to major in Health and Exercise Science. After I get my bachelor’s degree, I will be attending Baylor University to further my education. I will get a doctorate in prosthetics and orthotics to become a licensed prosthetist. I am interested in prosthetics because it combines my love for mechanical work with my want to help as many people as possible.

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