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Meet Gospel Music Groups – Bios, Schedules and Booking (Click Here)

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Meet Gospel Music Groups – Bios, Schedules and Booking (Click Here)


Gospel Music Connection

I would like to thank you for visiting, and invite you to view the publication below.  Here you can read Bios, listen to some of the Artist music, and see their upcoming schedule.  Most of these groups would love to have the opportunity to perform at your next event. You, or your church, may want to discuss how they can perform at your church as an outreach in the community, fill the pulpit or even conduct a revival.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have – Jerry Riley 918.716.5107

  • Master’s Voice
  • The Williamsons
  • The Blackwoods
  • Jerry Presley (Elvis Presley’s cousin)

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