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We would like to help you find a church Home

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We would like to help you find a church Home


Have you ever wondered, “why do I need a church home”?  After all, we can worship God any place and at any time.  So, here’s just two things to consider.

1. Church Gives Us A Place to Worship

Worship and praise is one of the reasons humanity exists. We were created for community and also to glorify God. That is our ultimate purpose. (Isaiah 43:7) While we can give praise to God anywhere and anytime, church services specifically create an atmosphere of praise for us. A church home gives you a place to feel intimacy with God through singing and music, giving, serving and loving people. That is the place where a spirit of worship is cultivated and carries over into our daily lives. Can you worship God anywhere? Of course you can. But doing so with a body of fellow believers is powerful.

2. It Gives Us A Place to Grow

Being part of a church home should deepen your faith. You should be encouraged and challenged to grow by learning more about God and His Word, serving others, developing deep Godly friendships and becoming a leader and a mentor to others. A church home gives us a place to use our talents and to grow in them through practice and learning. It gives you a place to find accountability when you need it and encouragement when times are hard. If you aren’t in church now, go find one. If you have been burned by the church before, try again. The Church is full of fallible people, saved by the grace of God. They are not the point of a church; glorifying God and growing in relationship with him is. Do you have a church home? How has this helped you? Are you searching for one? Tell me about your experience in the comments!

Click the picture below to find a church in your area.

  If you church would like to be listed in our directory please respond in the comments below, or call us at 918.716.5702.

Thank you and have a blessed day!

Jerry Riley

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