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The Wooden Willow – Custom Made Waxes – Shop Us Online

317 W Broadway , Okemah 

The Wooden Willow – Custom Made Waxes – Shop Us Online


The Wooden Willow
317 W Broadway , Okemah


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Did you know we make all of our Candles and Waxes?
Below are some reasons to consider Waxes:

Scented Wax Melts are a very popular choice when it comes to home fragrance. They are easy to use, easy to clean up, they provide strong fragrance throws and they are also long lasting.

They are the perfect choice when it comes to making your home smell amazing. Scented wax melts are affordable and budget friendly, which means that you can cheekily try a couple difference fragrances for the same price as a candle.

At Wooden Willow we care about self-care. We don’t believe that self-care needs to be complicated or difficult. Small changes can make a big impact. That’s why we make our products easy to use and that fit in with your lifestyle.

That’s why scented wax melts are a great product to have and stock up on. Home aroma is very important as it can affect our mood and motivation, our feelings and concentration, and it can affect our energy levels too.

Alongside the great self-care benefits that scented wax melts can have, they are also great at enhancing and uplifting any room that that they are in.

If you walk into a room and you dislike the smell, (think about standing next to rubbish bins) we bet you do your best to minimize the amount of time that you have to spend in that room?

Whereas, if you walk into a room that smells lovely, your will be much happier and content to spend time there. Whilst a number of factors contribute to this such as light, sound, businesses, cleanliness etc, scent plays a very important role in how you feel about being in that space.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Wax Melts

  • No Flame. Wax melts are traditionally heated using a wax burner. …
  • Long Burn Time. Wax melts benefit from having a long burn time, when compared to a lot of candles. …
  • Affordable. It’s common knowledge that wax melts are very affordable. …
  • No Paraffins. …
  • Super Convenient. …
  • Control Your Fragrance. …
  • Stronger Fragrance. …
  • No Soot.

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The Wooden Willow

317 W Broadway , Okemah, OK

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The Wooden Willow is in Okemah, OK & we'd love to have you come by to explore the many items in our boutique including homemade candles and waxes. Also, shop us online at

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