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What Bug Ya Pest Services

Okemah, OK

What Bug Ya Pest Services


What Bugs Ya Pest Control


A message from John and Shelia

I just wanted to tell all my Customers thank you for Trusting me to take care of your Pest problems. You are the ones that make What Bugs ya? successful. Remember as I have told you in the past cold Weather does not kill pest it only makes them breed more and find the warmth of your home. They may look different from us but they want the same things we need. Food, Water and warmth. call us if you need anything. If I can fix it I will! If I can’t I will tell you I can’t. And not just do a job for just Money. Thank all of you again from Sheila and me.


To any homeowner, regular pest maintenance is another reality of owning property. Keeping the pests away and your home safe from damage is all part of homeownership. Sometimes we learn this the hard way. New homeowners often enter into uncharted territory when buying their first home, not sure of all the different maintenance is needed to keep their home maintained until it is too late and there is a bug infestation. Then pest control is called for extermination and that is when they learn damages, money, and time could all have been spared with regular pest maintenance.

Regular pest maintenance is an important aspect of homeownership; helping you to protect your investment. As the season’s change and new threats emerge from the area that surrounds your property, you need the qualified pest control services of What Bugs Ya Pest Services. Not sure if you need pest control for your home? Below are just 10 benefits of many to the regular bug prevention tactics employed by our team of pest control specialists.

  • Enjoy outdoor spaces
  • Protect your property 
  • Save money
  • Protect your investment
  • Protect your furniture
  • Protect your pets
  • Less Cleaning
  • No work for you
  • Prevent illness
  • Peace of mind
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What Bugs Ya Pest Services

Okemah, OK

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To keep pests out and protect your home from invasion it is important to take the proper precautions.

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