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Joy In Life Ministries

611 E Trudgeon Henryetta, OK

Joy In Life Ministries


Joy In Life Ministries
611 E Trudgeon Henryetta, OK

Meet Minister James Page, and his wife Reena

James Page, a resident of rural Henryetta, since birth in February 1980 has spent his life to this point in service to the Lord and community in both small and large capacity. He is a 1998 Graduate from Weleetka Public Schools, Married his wife Reena in March 1999, the father of 4 children, 3 children-in-love, 8 granddaughters, and two more grandkids on the way.

James began serving in music ministry in 1993 at the age of 13, from a young boy he would preach occasionally in youth services at his home church, at age 15 he began to preach in other churches from time to time. Shortly after marrying in 1999 he and his wife would preach revivals on occasion while working their jobs and starting their family.

In 2004 James and Reena began to run their 1st business together in Henryetta, a debt collection company that served every business in Henryetta as well as many other businesses throughout the state of Oklahoma, they continued in that business until 2015, at which time they began to focus full time in their evangelistic ministry, Joy in Life Ministries which they founded in 2010.

Through all the years in evangelism it has been the desire and goal to evangelize Henryetta and surrounding communities and towns with the love of Jesus; never imagining nor desiring to Pastor, but by the leading of the Lord they felt to open a Ministry Center in Henryetta.

After much prayer about the decision to do so a contract was signed in January of 2020 to purchase the ministry center at 611 E Trudgeon Henryetta, OK.

The purchase closed the 2nd week of March 2020 and the first services were held in the building in April 2020.

Of course this was the time the entire world had entered into great distress and fear, it was abundantly clear that we had heard from the Lord to open at this specific time; with great Favor from the Lord and much hard work Joy in Life Henryetta began distributing $70+ thousand dollars a week in fresh groceries to this entire community, as this all began to unfold God kept providing avenues to bless this community.

During all this effort to bless Henryetta James and Reena were still overseeing a church and work they planted in Gainesville, GA in Dec of 2018.

They began to work out the details and started the same giveaway ministry in Gainesville, GA.

By the middle of 2021 they had helped to start two more points of giveaways in South Carolina and Alabama.

The windows of heaven were opened for them to bless others and by yet another miracle they purchased the Blessing Center in October 2021 in Henryetta, OK (the old VFW building).

James and Reena are currently seeing to it that the entire town has a place to buy groceries and clothing at a price that doesn’t bankrupt the budget, and the Blessing Center is the point of food distribution to those in need on a daily basis.

The Blessing Center in Henryetta is currently supplying 10 different food banks in the state of Oklahoma.

In addition to the desire to help people with food and supplies, James and Reena seen the need for Freedom from Addiction in Henryetta and surrounding communities another leap of faith was taken and in January 2021 with the help of others Freedom Warriors was established at Joy In Life Henryetta, where weekly meetings are held on Monday night. Since being obedient to the call to help the addicts in our community 4 other groups has stepped up to the plate and followed the lead from the inspiration of Joy In Life Henryetta.

James and Reena desire to see growth in Henryetta in every aspect, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and financially; there are more things coming soon to help people in all of these areas.  Henryetta is a great community that will continue to get better and stronger as we all come together in the love of Jesus.

James along with Joy in Life Henryetta puts on many free events, including Fall Festival, Thanksgiving Basket Giveaway, Veterans and First Responders Assembly, Christmas Extravaganza just to name a few!

Pastor James firmly believes that Henryetta will soon be known around the World due the glory of God shining from our little city. What greater way to put Henryetta on the map?

Joy in Life Henryetta is currently being a blessing to Mexico, Honduras, El Salvdor, Colombia, Ukraine, and India.

Pastor James and Reena want to bless every church and partner with every church to build God’s kingdom, something that they have well proven in the last two years!

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Joy In Life Ministries

611 E Trudgeon, Henryetta, OK

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James Page, a resident of rural Henryetta, since birth in February 1980 has spent his life to this point in service to the Lord and community in both small and large capacity