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Homestead Studio

Homestead Studio


About Homestead Studio

Donnie and Lisa operate Homestead Studio near their hometown of Weleetka, OK. Lisa is the studio engineer and they both produce. The reason for the studio is to help artists who live in the Midwest to have closer access to a recording studio. They do more vocal recording and editing than music tracks. They use a lot of Nashville musicians to make their music tracks. They work with studios like Crossroads and the Butler Music Group to lay down the instrumentals and then bring the tracks back to their studios to record the vocals.

Donnie says they have artists drive up from the Dallas/ Ft. Worth area and also fly in from Canada to record at their studio mainly because of Lisa’s engineering talent. The artists appreciate the comfortable atmosphere and the kindness and expertise of Lisa during the recording session.

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For more information about Homestead Studio you can contact Donnie through their website Click Here.

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