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Master’s Voice Promo

Master’s Voice Promo



Meet Master’ Voice

Since 1995, Masters Voice™ has been committed to bringing an evangelistic approach to singing and preaching the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ. They are  devoted to music excellence, professionalism, commitment, clarity, doctrinal soundness and passionate vocals.

Ricky Capps with Master’s voice would like to have the opportunity to visit with you about how Master’s Voice can help serve your Church. Things like:

  1. An outreach concert
  2. Fill the pulpit
  3. Conduct a Revival

To Learn more about Master’s Voice and to see their upcoming shows Click Here

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Masters Voice

P.O. Box 1193 Bristow Ok. 74010

Member since Feb 2024


The founder and owner of Master’s Voice, Ricky Capps, is a privilege and an honor to know. Ricky has dedicated his life to that which God has undoubtedly called him.

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