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LACAG – A Voice And An Advocate On Behalf Of….

P.O. Box 64952 Baton Rouge, LA 70896

LACAG – A Voice And An Advocate On Behalf Of….


(Louisiana Citizen Advocacy Group)

P.O. Box 64952
Baton Rouge, LA 70896

We are the people’s lobbyists. LACAG is a voice and an advocate on behalf of everyday Louisiana citizens. We shine a light on positive and negative legislative actions at the committee level — where great legislation often gets defeated before the public ever knows about it and where terrible legislation routinely goes unchecked. LACAG brings accountability and transparency to the legislative process — exposing those legislators who oppose Constitutional governance due to cowardice, corruption or allegiance to a special interest group. We are loyal to the Bible, the Constitution and the people of this great state. We don’t take money from special interest groups, and we never will.

Christopher Alexander, LACAG, Patriot Forum 

Chris Alexander on the bill that will create an agency to support vulnerable expectant moms & babies


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